Kadlik Law Office

Marko Kadlik Law Office is committed to performing the legal profession in accordance with the requirements and needs of the parties, while respecting the highest standards of the legal profession and ethics. Legal services are provided in almost all areas of law.



The aim of the office is to ensure the provision of legal assistance to natural and legal persons in the realization and protection of their rights and interests at any time without delay and delay.



The office specializes in providing legal assistance in the field of property relations, land registry law, and contractual relations.



The office also specializes in legal advice and representation of parties in the field of family and inheritance law.


Document review

Detailed and thorough review of documentation and files related to your case.


Counseling and advocacy

We have extensive experience in resolving disputes in the field of labor law, and providing services to assist employers and workers in resolving disagreements.


Taking over the case

In agreement with you, start working on the case and follow the complete process.


Attorney Marko Kadlik, Mag. iur. has completed his primary and secondary education in Zagreb. He obtained the academic title of Master of Laws in 2015 at the University of Zagreb by completing an integrated undergraduate and graduate university study at the Faculty of Law in Zagreb.

He has participated in numerous national and international congresses and seminars in the field of law, economics, entrepreneurship, and the protection of fundamental human rights and freedoms.


Marko Kadlik attorney at law


Property-legal relations

protection of property, acquisition and protection of property rights, co-ownership, joint ownership, condominium ownership, mortgages, easements, construction rights, etc.


Land registry law and real estate

counseling and representation in land registry procedures, inspection of real estate before purchase, counseling and representation in individual correct procedures


Contractual relations

legal advice when concluding contracts, drafting contracts, representing parties in disputes arising from contractual relations


Labor law

advising and representing employees and employers on rights and obligations arising from employment, drafting employment and service contract, advising and representing in the event of termination of employment contracts


Family law

advising on the regulation of property relations of spouses, representation of parties in marital disputes, protection of the rights and interests of children and persons deprived of legal capacity


Inheritance law

advising and representing in legal matters in the field of inheritance law and probate proceedings, drafting wills and succession agreements


Commercial Law

representing the parties before the commercial court, providing legal assistance and business support, drafting statutes and articles of association


Company law

representing the parties before the commercial court, providing legal assistance and business support, drafting statutes and articles of association


Administrative Law

advising and representing in various types of proceedings before administrative bodies and before administrative courts



advising and representing in claims proceedings, and in insurance proceedings


Criminal law

legal counseling and representation in criminal cases


Attorney Marko Kadlik
Address: Dalmatinska ulica 6, 23232 Nin, Hrvatska
Contact: (+385) 98 191 9550
E-mail: marko.kadlik@gmail.com

Business hours (every working day with prior arrangement)
Monday – Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.